Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science, Class of 2021

Concentration in Security & Privacy, GPA 3.88

Coursework: Some relevant computer science courses I have taken are - 15-150 Fundamentals of Functional Programming, 15-213 Introducation to Computer Systems, 15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science, 17-333 Privacy Policy, Law and Technology, 15-441 Computer Networks, 21-301 Combinatorics, 15-210 Fundamentals of Parallel and Sequential Algortihms

Pine-Richland High School, Class of 2017

I was involved in FIRST robotics at a variety of levels (mentored FLL, was on an FRC team). Also, I played on the varsity tennis team throughout high school!


Qualcomm Technologies, Engineering Interim Program Intern

eXtended Reality Software Team (XRSW), May-August 2018

Last summer, I worked as an intern on Qualcomm's XRSW team, which creates software for VR/AR computer chips supplied by Qualcomm. The motivation behind my project was to see if it was possible to stitch together existing technologies to predict 6DoF controller position from 3DoF controllers paired with a 6DoF headset with a variety of sensors on it. I created a ground truth system to collect training data for 6DoF controller pose prediction, including work in time alignment and data processing of various systems. I also worked with engineers to conceptualize appropriate paths to take for post-processing of the data/ML.

Neya Systems LLC, Robotics Intern

Sept. 2016-Aug. 2017

At Neya, I worked on the following two projects:

Remote Access Critical Care (RACC): The goal of this project was to use computer vision techniques to connect remote physicians to soldiers on the field and aid with emergency care of injuries and wounds. I analyzed the existing algorithms used on this project, and improved feature extraction, matching techniques, object search and tracking algorithms as well as built end-to-end tests for quality and communications constraints.

Augmented Reality Medical Education Tool for Anatomy (AR-META): The idea of this project was to enhance classroom medical education through the use of AR on live patients or models. I worked on integrating an AR Tag detector and pose estimation to overlay simple models and get this project running.


A* Search Approach to The Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows

Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences, Summer 2016 (Team of 9)

At the 2016 Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences, I was part of a ten person team working on a variant of the Traveling Salesman Problem known as the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW). The objective is to find the most efficient route for a number of trucks to make deliveries to given locations with specific delivery time windows. Our approach solved eight instances of VRPTW as efficiently as world record solutions. You can read our paper here.

Using NLP to Improve Prediction of Relevant Data In Electronic Medical Records

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Summer Academy, Summer 2015

At The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute's Summer Academy, I worked on a project to generate predictions of relevant lab tests a physician ask for from patients. My approach used a logistic regression classifier from a combination of features from Natural Language Processing of patient medical records and their clinical features recorded at the hospital.


15-112 Fundamentals of Programming Term Project, Fall 2017

For my term project in this class, I created a small application that used OpenCV and webscraping to automatically generate room decorations and furniture in proper locations given an image of a room and users preferences. Watch the video I made here.

Shell/Malloc/Proxy Lab

15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems, Fall 2018

Shell: programmed a tiny shell with simple process control and I/O redirection
Malloc: programmed general purpose dynamic storage allocator with utilization/performance optimizations (headerless blocks, segregated free list…)
Proxy: implementation of web proxy with simple main memory cache and handles multiple connections using concurrency


Vice President Academic Excellence

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Xi Chapter

As VPAE, my job is to organize study hours and chapter events to help prepare sisters for campus events as well as to create a positive atmosphere in the chapter that encourages positive mental health.

Academic Tutor

School of Computer Science, 15-151 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

As a tutor, I prepared study materials and worked through practice problems to engage students struggling in this class.

Technical Lead, Programming Lead, Media Lead

Girls of Steel Robotics, FIRST Robotics Competition Team #3504, 2013-17

As Technical Lead, I supervised 4 technical sub-teams, created the build schedule, priorities, and made critical decisions. As Intelligent Systems and Programming Lead, I led specialized teams on projects involving use of sensors. As Media Lead, I managed web, social media, blogs etc. for audience of 23,000+ monthly and created the winning submission for the 2015 International Media & Innovation in Tech Award.

Robotics Team Founder & Mentor

Pine-Richland Middle School, 2014-17

As founder & mentor of this team, I taught middle-school students programming, mechanics, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Throughout high school, I worked with 30+ students, hosted 500+ people at two scrimmages, and reached the goal of a 1:1 gender ratio on the team in 2017.