Hi! My name is Arushi Bandi, and I am a current sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University! I am studying Computer Science, with a concentration in Security & Privacy. Some things I like to think about are how decisions in the field of computer science have shaped society, how social media has (and hasn't!) changed human expression, and how tech giants/lack of data privacy have taken over the world (yes, I can be a cynic, but only sometimes I swear!). Recently, I took a class called Great Theoretical Ideas of Computer Science, and I've since spent a lot of my daydream time trying to reconcile these great computational problems with my previous notions of life/personal philosophies/understandings. My favorite past times are reading nerdy articles on the internet (Aeon and Medium are my frequent go tos), doodling my thoughts and ideas out, getting coffee and talking with friends about random topics (such as hypothetical end game scenarios for planet earth), building booths (<3) and playing tennis!

I am looking for opportunities such as summer internships in spaces where I can apply both my passions and skills, in areas such as cybersecurity and tech design. Feel free to contact me, or check out my
resume . My nit-picky-ness in picking a free online template has (unfortunately!) led me to create this website on my own, and it is hence still under construction, so please stop by later to see the final result!