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I'm a senior at Pine-Richland High School, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA! In college, I hope to major in Computer Science! Explore the tabs to learn more about me! :)

Academic & Community Highlights

SECTION I: STEM Initiatives for Children, Especially Girls

  • Founder and Mentor of FIRST Lego League team Rambotics at Pine-Richland Middle School: I teach middle-schoolers basics of EV3 programming, mechanical structures, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Rambotics boasts a 1:1 ratio (7:3 in the previous year) of girls to boys, opposing real world STEM disparity. Over the last 3 years, I directly impacted 30+ students, hosted 2 scrimmages with 500+ attendants, and raised $3,600+ for the team through grants from local companies, opportunity funds and school fundraising. Recently, the team won 1st place at a local competition. In 2015, I organized a 2-week summer camp to give the opportunity of exploring robotics without long-term commitment of being on a team. With 20+ participants, I raised $1,500.
  • Mentor of FIRST Lego League Jr. team, Spring 2015: As mentor of eight K-3 girls at a local school, I taught simple machines and basic research, culminating in a poster presentation and student-programmed robotic demo.
  • Exhibitioner at White House Frontiers Conference hosted by Barack Obama: On behalf of my robotics team, I presented our Chassis Project, an innovative way to inspire young girls to pursue STEM in under 3 hours.
  • “Pipeline for Girls in STEM” Presentation, Speaker at International Conference: With an audience of 200+ I presented a track to engage girls in STEM, starting with K-3 school activities up through workforce entry.
  • Media Lead, Girls of Steel Robotics, FIRST Robotics Competition #3504, 2014-2015: As Media Lead, I managed the team’s media outlets, reaching 23,000+ monthly. Through these channels, I spread our team’s mission of empowering girls in stem by exemplifying female success in robotics. I created the award-winning submission for the 2015 Media and Innovation in Technology Award by Comcast NBCUniversal.

SECTION II: Programming & Research Experience

  • Programming Languages: Java, Objective C, Python including Visual Python, Visual Basic
  • Scripting Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Operating Systems: Linux, OS X
  • Other: LaTeX, Github. Machine shop, hand tools, basic welding.
  • Robotics Intern at Neya Systems LLC: Fall 2016-Current: As an intern on the project Remote Access Critical Care which aids injured soldiers and local paramedics by connecting them to remote medical experts who annotate a video of the wounded, I am improving the algorithm’s use of feature tracking and matching techniques by implementing various feature descriptors and extractors and analyzing their performances in specific test cases and fixing disparities in the program’s Feature Tracker algorithm.
  • “Aiming for World Records in Artificial Intelligence: The Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Window”, Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences, Summer 2016: Our team of 9 tied 8 world records held by various universities and researchers globally (more info on SINTEF’s website). We used an A* search algorithm combined with heuristic scoring and intelligent “moves” we wrote to generate children for each state. I worked specifically on the nearest neighbors algorithm which ultimately randomized our generated solutions, pushing us to the world record. Additionally, I worked on “moves” such as adding closest customers consecutively to a path and shuffling clusters of customers.
  • “Using Natural Language Processing to Improve the Prediction of Relevant Data In Electronic Medical Records”, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute- Summer Academy, Summer 2015: I used Natural Language Processing (NLP) of patient ICU notes to create text-extracted features used in Logistic Regression Classification to determine relevant lab tests and diagnoses for a patient. Precision and recall rates improved when using NLP-extracted features in addition to patients’ clinical values, compared to clinical values alone.

SECTION III: Leadership Highlights

  • Technical Project Manager, Girls of Steel Robotics, FRC #3504, Fall 2016-Current: As Leader of the 60 girl team, I supervise each of the technical sub-teams (Mechanical, Electrical, Design, Programming), oversee the build season schedule and priorities, set the team’s goals, and make critical technical decisions.
  • Intelligent Systems and Programming Lead, Girls of Steel Robotics, FRC #3504, 2015-2016: The previous year, I noticed a disparity in the team’s use of sensors and intelligence, so a specialized role was created year where I led the team in projects such as robot simulator, lights, camera and specialized drivers’ board, and the use of other sensors such as limit switches and gyros.
  • Media Lead, Girls of Steel Robotics, FRC #3504, 2014-2015: Through this role, I taught fellow team members skills in web design, photography, and blogging. I distributed tasks and supervised the team’s media and news branch as a whole. I led efforts to promote team publicity, culminating in projects such as features in a documentary about girls in STEM and comic book about powerful women. Additionally, I created the winning submission for the International Award for Media and Technology Innovation sponosred by Comcast NBCUniversal.
  • Pine-Richland High School Programming Club: Vice-President, 2016-17 & Treasurer, 2015-16 Inaugural officer of the club (founded Fall 2015), mentor group of approx. 20 students in learning new programming languages and applying skills to create projects.

SECTION IV: Recent Awards

  • National Center for Women & Information Technology: National Award for Aspirations in Computing, Spring 2016 One of 35 selected from 3,000+ applicants nationally. Recognized for work in technology, specifically community impact furthering girls' STEM education.
  • National Center for Women & Information Technology: Affiliate (Regional) Award for Aspirations in Computing, Spring 2015, 2014
  • Pine-Richland High School Harvard Book Prize: Awarded for community service and impact

Some Media Highlights

Feature on White House Instagram!
October 2016

Pictured 2nd from the left at the White House Frontier's Conference to present Girls of Steel's Chassis Project - an innovative way to show people of all age groups that robotics is fun and not intimidating!

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